Life Update

How is everyone doing? I’ve been on a radio silence for the last few months. I had always found that writing my blog gave me a sense of purpose and was a real positive activity that prompted greater self reflection, and therefore greater calm. This all changed, however, during the pandemic. With life on hold I felt creatively stunted, uninspired and rarely felt compelled to write. But now, as we are slowly adjusting to our ‘new normal’, I am back with a vengeance and am excited to share where I am at in my life now and how I’ve been doing. I’d love to hear from my readers too.

One of the biggest challenges during lockdown was my lack of roots. Last year I was living with a dear friend but due to lack of space in our small attic flat, decided to isolate with my boyfriend in a large sociable house. This was by and large a great deal of fun, but I have struggled without a sense of ‘home’. This all changed last week when I picked up the keys to my beautiful new flat in South West London. I’ve had so much fun this past week assembling furniture and making it feel like mine. With just a few finishing touches left to arrive in the post, it is really feeling like a safe and comfortable place to live, and I am already experiencing the overwhelmingly positive impact this is having on my productivity and my mental health. I am sending light and love to all those who are still isolating or living in unusual circumstances. I hope you are able to find a sense of home, even if it is just a cosy little reading corner, wherever you are.

My reading corner in my boyfriend’s room

One of the main things that really makes a house a home is a pet. During lockdown I seemed to become a cat whisperer! We took in a stray cat and helped reunite him with his owner at the start of lockdown, and since then I befriended many a local feline friend. It was only a matter of time before I’d get a cat of my own. Having experienced the wonderful feeling of rescuing a cat off the street I decided that I wanted to #adoptnotshop. I contacted a rescue centre about a beautiful, fluffy, 10 year old cat I’d seen on Facebook that needed a home and last week went to pick her up! She is a shy little cat, she spent the first night hiding behind the washing machine, so we named her Heidi! But since then she has really come out of her shell and is enjoying lots of treats, brushing and cuddles. I don’t think she is appreciating the London heatwave though!

It has been a strange few months career wise – I have had productive days and unproductive days, as I’m sure is the case for many. Prior to lockdown I had made the decision that I wanted to get my foot on a career ladder and find a little more stability. I have spent the last months researching and figuring out what route I want to go down and have decided I am going to target my job search in the publishing sector. I have always loved reading and feel this field would well suit my interests in design and marketing. It’s a tough time to be looking for a job in an already competitive sector so I am practicing patience and perseverance!

My Etsy store has really picked up speed, especially with the introduction of music fan art. My boyfriend Matt is a huge Frightened Rabbit fan and last year I designed him a poster for his bedroom. I added this to my Etsy store two months or so ago and sales have really sky rocketed! I’ve since added a Billie Eilish poster as well and have compiled a list of other artists I’d like to focus on. During lockdown we also had a big painting session and I reconnected with my love of putting paint to canvas. My final piece is hanging up proudly in my kitchen! I’m therefore also excited to paint more and turn these into prints to sell on my store as well.

Socially I have kept to a small bubble of people but have had some lovely times with them. I went on holiday with my friend Sophie to Lymington in the New Forest. The weather was absolutely stunning while we were there and it was so wonderful to escape London. Though I suffered horrendous sunburn!! I was also able to enjoy a lovely few days in Cornwall with my parents as soon as restrictions allowed this. We went out on the river, walked the dog, and ate delicious food. I’m feeling very refreshed after these little trips.

I have been back at work in a ladies clothes shop now for two months. When I first started back I was really nervous and upset to be there when the rest of my friends were still furloughed, however I have quickly adapted to the new normal and I am enjoying having a routine. The shop has been surprisingly very busy. I think people really missed shopping!!

That is a quick round up of my life at the moment. I will attempt to keep up with regular blog posts now that I am back. Perhaps I will do another tutorial next week. What would you like to see?

Have a wonderful week and I’ll speak to you soon!

Meg x

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