My first Podcast Interview

Back on a blustering windy day in late February I ventured back to my old stomping ground in North London to meet actors and producers Jemma Moore and Caroline Ward. Jem has recently created a delightful podcast called The Hobbycast, chatting to all sorts of different people about their hobbies. In a world in which everyone is very career focussed it can feel like having a hobby is a dying concept. Jem connects with people who engage with activities just for the sheer joy of it. Previous episodes cover topics such as Quidditch, toy collecting and creating podcasts! It makes for a very refreshing listen and you can find it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

With cups of coffee in hand the three of us sat down to chat about stationery, sticker making, all the benefits of keeping a journal and tips and tricks! It was an amazing experience to talk so openly and unashamedly about my passion, which is something one so rarely does. 

I would really recommend giving it a listen if you’re thinking about starting a journal and would like a little guidance in how to start. I also give little shoutouts to some of my favourite journal accounts, so I thought I’d list them here as a short cut:







You can find the podcast here:

And more about Jem here.

And follow Caroline here.

Jem and Caroline are producing a short film together so do check them out – love women supporting women in their creative endeavours!

If you do manage to find time to listen to the podcast let me know what you think!

Meg x

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