My Sticker Trade with Mamoki.Illustration and Togetherwithkx

Sticker trading is a brilliant way to connect with other bullet journalists, especially those who run their own Etsy businesses too! It allows you to observe how other people put their orders together, how we each create and refine our products, and to give feedback on each other’s work. It also helps each trader reach new audiences as we can each help spread the word of each other’s pages and shops! I recently traded stickers with both Meaza from Mamoki Illustration and Kelly from Togetherwithkx – both super talented sticker creators and journalists!

Meaza runs her business from the UK. Her stickers are super slick and cool! I was so impressed with her packaging, she used adorable branded tissue paper to protect the stickers which was practical and looked amazing. Her stickers are mainly ‘Days of the Week’ stickers which, as we all know, are super handy for setting up your weekly spreads. Her style is digital, sharp and contemporary. I’m excited to use them in my journal!

Kelly’s stickers have a more ‘hand made’ feel but do not compromise on quality! Her coffee cup ones are simply adorable and the simple colour spots will be brilliant to add a pop of colour to some of my more simple spreads. Her illustrations are absolutely delightful. I also really love the neutral colour palette, it’s classy and stylish. You will definitely see plenty of her stickers throughout my journal from now on. She ships worldwide from her studio in Canada.

I feel very inspired by both of the parcels I received. They are both very talented sticker makers – I will take a lot away from Meaza’s packaging and branding – it’s clear and professional, whilst Kelly’s have a lovely personal touch.

I am excited to hear what they think of my stickers when they receive them – you can look out for their responses on my Instagram stories.

If you’re stumped for who to look to when purchasing stickers I strongly recommend you check out both of their pages.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Meg x

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